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Come and swim with us! We cater for all skill levels, ages and backgrounds.


Seymour competes in local, national and international competitions at all levels

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Seymour is the oldest synchronised swimming club in the UK with a tradition of performance and spirit


Synchronised swimming offers  many physical benefits: strength, endurance, flexibility and grace


We welcome all new members, and have a great time in and out of the water

Seymour was the first affiliated synchronised swimming club in Great Britain, founded in 1961. We are a thriving and energetic club that welcomes swimmers from all over the world. The club caters for all ages and all abilities. We have a Junior Squad who compete at Regional and National competitions as well as our Masters swimmers who compete at National, European and World Championships. We provide all of our members with an opportunity to enjoy synchro and to achieve their potential.

Queen Mother Leisure Centre

Central London training location in Victoria


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